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Wordle, the "latest" online sensation

Wordle, the "latest" online sensation, seems to have only recently taken over our social media feeds.

Our timelines started to get increasingly crowded with individuals sharing the elusive squares, comparing streaks, and griping about American spellings.

It's incredible to think that the game Josh Wardle created six months ago has already gained worldwide acclaim and been acquired by the New York Times.

The number of similar-format spin-off games has increased along with the game's popularity. Users are now asked questions about languages, music, and even geography.

In one of the game's most well-liked remakes, letters are exchanged for numbers in the quest for a daily equation. The name of this game is Nerdle.

It's the "Wordle counterpart for math aficionados," according to the designer, Richard Mann.

Nerdle, Wordle number game instructions
The Nerdle guidelines are as follows:

Every hunch is an analysis.
You can type = or 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9.
There must be one "=" in it.
To the right of the "=", it can only have a number; no other calculations are permitted.
Calculate * and / before + and - since it is the usual order of operations, for instance, 3+2*5=13 rather than 25!
If the desired response is 10+20=30, we will also accept 20+10=30 unless you disable "commutative replies" in the options.
Similar to Wordle, when you guess, the color of the tiles will change to show whether you are correct, incorrect, or in the wrong spot.

Green tiles indicate that the number is accurate and in the proper location. Purple indicates that it is in the problem but in the wrong spot. A tile indicates it is not in the word if it turns dark.[size=1]octordle[/size]

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Re : Wordle, the "latest" online sensation

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