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rough the time tunnel and w

On the second day after the winter solstice, it has entered the ninth, afternoon, the sky is clear, and the sun is shining. One person, wandering on a quiet suburban country road. In the roadside ditch, sometimes sparse, sometimes dense, high and low low reeds come. A cluster of reed spikes, stretched with spikes, clinging and flexible standing on the tip of the reed, the dry leaves, long before there is no piece of stretch, but a converging wrap, turning into a bundle of sideways Out. Reed, I am no stranger, but in the winter, the body is still intact, the plants stand upright, the leaves are converge, and the high-spirited attitude of the ear, I was the first to notice. In the nearby fields, there are a few plots of land, and the scorched corn is still screaming silently, but almost all of them are incomplete, without the ear, like a human without a noble head; without leaves, like no one All the limbs are bare; all are bare, and many are broken off the waist, leaving the height and the half, the half-cut body, a strain, the sorrow of decaying and the sorrow of death is now a few cold days. The reeds are still standing upright, and the ears are stretched and high, especially moving me. Obviously, they have long been aging, no rich green of plants and leaves, no splendid glory of the ears in the autumn, but they still maintain the standing and flamboyant posture of life, dignity is still, spirit is not inverted. The sun in the west is no longer the glory of the summer, but the jade plate is as warm and peaceful. Looking at the reed ear against the sun, the white floc is illuminated by the oblique sun, and it is silky and tangled. It is soaked in the creamy cow's milk, and there are ochre-colored stars, scattered into a poem. Comma, period, and ellipsis. Looking down the light, such as a light gray pigeon sleeping in the tip of the reed, doing a slight swaying dream. There are two sentences in the poem "Zhu Ju" of the Southern Song Dynasty painter Zheng Sixiao: "It is better to hold the incense and stick to the north wind." It is the praise of the chrysanthemum in the north wind. Although the reed ear does not have a fragrant astringent, she stands up on the branches of the nine cold days, and it is clearly another photo of a life-strengthful and high-spirited. This frame is true, natural and natural, and it is very desolate and tragic. Originally, "The Book of Songs" said: "The sky is green and the white dew is frost." In the autumn season, when the white dew descends on the earth Marlboro Lights, the reeds are dyed with a desolation. . Then, to the ninth winter, this desolation was rendered generous and chic: no matter how cold winter, cold wind and snow, I stand proudly. If there is heavy snowfall, the wilderness of the wilderness in the north is white, and the winter wheat and other crops are covered without a trace. The trees are mostly bare, full of compassion and helplessness. And the reeds stand upright, in a sorrowful helplessness, embellished with poetic and poetic poetry. In the mouth, it is not because of the "National Kingdom" of Qu Yuan. "Cheng Cheng is both brave and martial, and he is strong and powerful Wholesale Cigarettes. He is both dead and sacred, and the soul is a ghost." Qu Yuan is in the country for the sake of bravery. The heroes of the warriors, I borrowed, to greet the reeds that stood up in the middle of the winter. I am full of awe. In the yellow wheat fields and in the idle fields, three or five flocks are swam. Sheep have sheep and goats; there are old sheep, adult sheep, and small lambs. In each flock, the old sheep in front are calm, calm, and lead their own team, and slowly move forward. The little lamb was walking in the back with a small step, followed by the running, the screaming, rushing and tender. I thought that although the old sheep have approached the winter of their lives, their calmness and calmness also have some inner spirit overlap with the winter reeds. What is this spirit? Probably the indifference and transcendence of aging and death. In fact, aging and death are natural laws. Everything in the world is born to die, and death is mortal. Death does not fall, but the immortal is only the external body, which is a temporary retention of the external form. The reeds stand upright, only in the winter. In the coming year, the spring breeze will flourish, and the new reeds will flourish again. The dry coke reeds that stand up for a winter will fall down on the ground one by one, slowly decaying, and even decay, turning into organic nutrients, and feeding new reeds to grow up healthily. The old sheep is so sophisticated in the position of the leader, and will soon enter death. This is especially true for people. The consciousness of life has vanished, and the body of flesh and blood is hard to stay for a long time Parliament Cigarettes. In addition to a handful of mummies, it is not easy to save your body for a long time after death. Go deeper into the first floor and think about it carefully. "I think so I am." The soul has gone. What is the use of a stiff and sluggish skin? The important thing is that in the face of aging and death, the reed can be aggravated and stand tall in the winter. The old sheep can face calmly in the face of aging. We are advanced animals who can think. Facing aging and death, it seems that there should be a calm and detached. The old spirit is not old, the people are not in the spirit, the death is coming, and the flowers are smiling. In this way, there will be no embarrassing situation in which "the human being thinks, God will laugh." Next to a north-south ditch, I went all the way south. Inadvertently, I saw the sun falling in the ditch under the reeds. In the calm waters, in the dense reeds, the sun reflects the glittering golden light. As my footsteps move, it also slowly moves through. In this way, I and the reeds walked through the time tunnel and walked through the quiet and quiet virgin forest. In this walk, walking through the thinking about life and soul. I also found a large pond, a wide-open ink painting shop, surrounded by large ponds, far and near, high and low, are reeds, under the sun, ponds such as clean jade, reeds Such as the bleak ring. I stood by the pond and was touched by this faintness. For a long time, I left a bunch of reed ears, took it home, and inserted it in the pen holder in the study. There was a desolate poetry in the study room.
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