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Hill climb racing tips and reviews

In hill climb racing we have several vehicles and several stages. Different vehicles have different performances on the same stage, and I'd like to know what are the best combinations to maximize distance in each stage.
Most vehicles can go great here. Once you hit 2000 miles, there are a couple of hills that are very tricky, and one in particular that is very hard to not break your neck when you land.

Dune Buggy 2223 miles
Monster Truck 2156 miles
Jeep 2154 miles
The trees don't really get in the way here. I don't have much fun with this stage, so I haven't put much time into it. Gas becomes the limiting factor.

Tank 3073 miles
Dune Buggy 2590 miles
Truck 1921 miles
Traction is key for this one.

Monster Truck 3638 miles
Tank 3051 miles
Truck 2872 miles
Again traction is the main concern. The hill at ~2340 miles stops most vehicles that get that far.

Dune Buggy 3219 miles
Snow Mobile 2563 miles
Quad Bike 2431 miles
This one's all about gas. The distance between gas cans goes up about 50 miles each time you get to one, so watch your distance and try to figure out when the next one is coming up so that you don't jump over it. Any vehicle without a gas upgrade will need to hit every gas after about 1400 miles.

Kiddie Express 18028 miles
Truck 14678 miles
Super Diesel 9047 miles
Racecar 32037 miles. Requires nigh perfect runs
Slower/shorter vehicles do well here because they are easier to keep from flying over jumps. Eventually traction and speed to get up some hills become an issue, at which point you have to get real good at letting off the gas early and cresting the hills.

Dune Buggy 2876 miles
Rally Car 2431 miles
Jeep 2369 miles
This one is just really hard to get distance on - the second one wheel gets off the ground you are starting to flip. Tank does consistently well because of its tracks.

Tank 1253 miles
Monster Truck 1111 miles
Rally Car 1090 miles

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Re : Hill climb racing tips and reviews

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