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How to Repair a Car in the Middle of a Highway

If you are in the middle of a highway and suddenly your car breaks down, it can be frightening. Luckily, there are some things you can do to help you remain calm and get your vehicle fixed safely.

1. Stay calm and take your foot off the accelerator at the first sign of trouble.

A breakdown on a busy highway or interstate can quickly escalate into an accident. The key is to stay calm and drive with care, using hazard lights and your turn signal to alert others to the problem. If the lane is clear, you can slowly pull to the side of the road or shoulder and then park on a safe spot away from traffic.

2. Get out of the vehicle as quickly as you can – but only on the side facing away from traffic.

A flat tire is a common issue that can arise while driving, and it’s important to know how to change a flat tire before you try to do it yourself. Getting out of the vehicle while you’re on the highway can be dangerous, especially if there is oncoming traffic or you are trying to cross the freeway on the shoulder.

3. Keep your seat belt buckled and call for help if you can’t get the car off the road or aren’t sure what to do.

4. You can always call the best mobile car service Perth for the professional assistance

4. Keep emergency numbers handy and jot them down on a paper or put them in your cell phone so you can call them immediately.

5. Do not attempt to move the vehicle if it is broken down on the highway, and if you can’t do so, stay inside and use your cell phone to call for help.

6. Avoid trying to push the vehicle as this can be dangerous for you and other drivers.

If the road is too busy to leave the vehicle, find a wide area away from traffic and place warning lights or reflective markers behind it so that other motorists can see you. This can be done even if the road is dark, but you need to be visible as soon as possible.

7. Attempt to coast to the side of the road or shoulder before trying to move the car again, and then stop at least six feet away from oncoming traffic so that it’s easier for other drivers to see your car.

8. Keeping the engine running is essential to prevent a battery discharge, so keep the vehicle’s hood up and the engine running as long as you can until help arrives.

9. Make sure the hazard lights are on and keep your seat belt buckled to warn other drivers of your breakdown.

10. Obtain the necessary tools from your emergency kit.
There are many kits available at discount or drug stores for a variety of common problems such as a tire blown by a nail or roadway debris, a flat tire or an out-of-order battery.

The most important thing to remember is that you should never attempt to fix a car breakdown on the side of the highway. While you may be able to perform minor repairs, it is always safer to call for help and let the professional handle the task.

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