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A parking sensor can be found in every electronic parking aid

Distances between vehicles and obstacles are excellently measured using a parking sensor with ultrasound or radar waves. These systems with parking sensors for easy parking are built into the bumpers. Here the radar parking sensor is equipped with various decisive advantages, each individual parking sensor used directly behind the bumper is not difficult to install in the bumper like a parking sensorwith ultrasound. With a basic system, the distance control is signaled by an acoustic warning tone via the parking sensor.

The signal controlled by the parking sensor changes intensity and volume continuously with an approaching obstacle. The closer the curb, car, traffic sign or object comes to your vehicle, the faster the warning signal will beep and as soon as the distance becomes critical, it becomes a continuous tone. In addition to the acoustic signal, expensive systems offer the driver a display in visual form, for example in an integrated control display, where the driver's own vehicle and the objects or obstacles are generally shown schematically on the monitor. More control when parking,

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