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RuneScape - The main benefit from killing in f2p

If the revs decide to OSRS gold ramp on you, then your dead meat is 80% of the time, except if you have some prayer remaining... that you can't even charge for, except if you have a bent bird neck, and get rid of the ankous next chamber.

The main benefit from killing in f2p could be Lesser monsters Cockroaches possibly Ankous at around 70 defense, or 70 range in the event that you are able to spot and Greater Demons however it's not really advised due to their positions all in a safe distance from banks. Most people resort to dungeoneering for f2p, if they wish to eliminate some bosses.

First of all, you should ideally use Ranged and Melee If your melee stats are anywhere near acceptable (80+ Attack 80and Strength). It's possible to play with magic - it could prove to be beneficial, however, it's generally expensive (200GP per casting using the Polypore is still very expensive at least in comparison to). Second, use higher-defence armour until you become good at prayer switching at TDS after which you can switch to Void.

How do you become proficient in prayer switching? If they're attacking using melee and then start to shout, then you must determine if they are from range or mage. If your guess is accurate the best thing to do is go with it. However, if it's wrong then you are likely to suffer damage before switching again... You can correct me if not right... It's what I've read on guides that i haven't visited there, or even completed the quest yet.

It's exactly how I do it. This is a pattern. they don't change their attacks randomly? It's not, it's only that they don't hit with melee anyhow which is why it's better to hope for magic, or range. If they're just about to begin expanding, as they start to roar, a small bone shard might appear, and move upwards, although it's difficult to see sometimes. Be on the lookout for buy old school runescape gold it if you see the demon slashing.

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