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Guild requires me to be a Boomkin

Guild requires me to WOW TBC Gold be a Boomkin for the time being. I'm currently trying to construct my Boomie set. I had previously focused on Resto, and the set I chose was exactly what I was looking for. The set I have is built from heroic drops, raid discards, badge purchases, and reputation purchases. I am so convinced in the case of H SP. All other groups are "EYE RESERVED". Yes, I know I'm starting late but I'm not likely to have it by the time I reach this point.

Glaives start appearing before reaching level 70. After that, you'll have to complete an extended series of daily repetitive quests/dungeons/battlegrounds/battle weekly Kara runs to boost the level of power that your warglaives have over time, only to include a catch up mechanic once BT launches , which accelerates all other players' progress to the same level that cheap WOW Classic TBC Gold you have been able to ground the entire expansion for.

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