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What is VMware ESXI?

Vmware ESXI is just an OS that sits on your hardware and give you the power to virtualize your hardware resources eg CPU, RAM etc. These virtual resources you can use to do your stuff. The ESXI OS’(technically called as Hypervisor) unlikely to other OS’ are small in size, the ISO image can be ~160mb, are designed particularly to virtualize the HW resources. You uses them to run multiple OS’s on top of them using the virtual resources from them. Idea is to utilize the HW resources to run multiple applications with varying requirements. Plus utilizing you HW resources much more efficiently.
CPU is the king of resources if you can use it efficiently you are able to get some value out of the money you invested in buying the HW.
One way of achieving it is virtualize the HW by introducing a layer in b/w that’s what VMware calls as ESXI.

ESXi backup

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